Leah Foreman, OTDS, COTA/L

creator and founder of re:born collective

Hi! I am thrilled you found your way here. I’m Leah and I am the creator and founder of re:born collective. I wanted to create a space to serve both parents and pediatric professionals that is free of shame, judgement, and “shoulds.”

As a pediatric occupational therapist assistant, I serve Denver children and their families by providing services to support participation in the life they choose.

Whether a child is having difficulty with feeding, sleeping, or playing with other children, I can help facilitate their participation in a way that is individual to that child.

I believe parents are the experts on their children – did you know you are the expert on your child? It’s true! And I am here to help you step into your role as the expert on your child’s individual needs.

One of my favorite moments: witnessing a mother and her baby girl find their balance with breastfeeding after weeks of trying. I was able to collaborate with this mother to find what worked for her and her baby with the end result of a nurturing mama-baby bond and successful co-occupation in breastfeeding.

I have been featured in VoyageDenver and named an Emerging Leader in the field of Occupational Therapy. When I’m not working with local Denver families, you can find me hiking, reading, practicing mediation, and advocating for policy that affects our children, including chemical safety in personal care products.

I would love to get to know you and your family! I am currently offering in-home occupational therapy services in the Denver Metro area and free initial consultations nationwide, please contact me here to learn more.

Allie Lane, Mama of 3

contributing parent writer

Hi! My name is Allie and I am a working mother of 2 boys (ages 3 & 1.5) + a baby girl on the way. We are blessed to have a rugged outdoorsman for a husband/daddy who gets us outside as often as possible and encourages us to experience the adventures of the beautiful PNW we are fortunate to call home.

My favorite part of parenting is communicating with my babies at the different stages they’re in. It gives me a little window into their brains and how they process and understand what they’re seeing/hearing/feeling etc. It’s such a privilege to be able to watch them interpret the world around them and it’s humbling to see how they can simplify a world that seems so complicated at times. It’s beautiful and I love it SO much!

One of the unexpected things I’ve discovered throughout my motherhood journey is the immense vulnerability that comes with it. When I had my first child, I remember feeling like I was supposed to have everything under control and wouldn’t have dared admitting to anyone, even myself, that I needed a break. I’ve now come to a place where I harness the vulnerability through openly sharing my experiences, in hopes that it will resonate with someone and serve as a reminder that they’re not alone. There is strength in vulnerability!

I’m excited to connect with you, learn from you, and share with you this adventure called motherhood!

xo, Allie


Victoria Briltz, OTDS

contributing student writer

Hi, I’m Victoria!

As an occupational therapy doctoral student, my mission and purpose are to bring awareness to an underserved population, maternal mental health. Bringing awareness includes advocacy, providing resources through evidence- based practice and having conversations encompassing maternal wellness.

I am currently working on my doctoral capstone, Occupational Therapy’s Role in Maternal Mental Health Within Transition from NICU to home.

I am also passionate about non-toxic living, practicing zero waste, intuitive eating and wellness. I am happy to be here with an amazing community and would love to have conversations with you guys! I never turn down a learning moment.

I am residing in San Diego, CA where you can find me at the beach, hiking, learning, and dog walking.

I would love to connect with you! Feel free to comment on any of my blogs, or contact me directly here.

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