life rolls on

This weekend I was invited by a classmate to join her in volunteering at an adaptive surfing event in Santa Monica. I was so moved by the event I have already committed to attending again and I would like to highlight this stellar organization.

Life Rolls On is a non-profit organization which has been putting on adaptive sport events since 2001. They began with adaptive surfing events like the one I participated in, and they have broadened their scope to adaptive skating recently.

Jesse Billauer was injured surfing at a young age and after becoming determined to get into the water again, he realized he could also make this a possibility for others — “My goal is to make the world a smaller place. Full of hope and possibilities for all.” Jesse Billauer, Founder & Executive Director/CEO.

If you are an athlete who would like to participate in a sporting event they offer or someone who would like to volunteer at one of their nationwide events, please visit and view their tour schedule.

Locally, they currently have events scheduled in Huntington Beach CA Aug 26 and La Jolla Shores CA Sept 10. 

Follow them:
on Instagram @liferollsonfoundation
on Facebook @liferollsonfoundation
or search hashtags #liferollsonfoudnation and #theywillsurfagain






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our “anniversary date” has been a changing the date since we met.  our first anniversary was more of a month or a season — that summer transitioning into the fall in between, season. then on memorial day weekend 2015, our anniversary was now the date of our engagement. soon to change to our wedding date, i have more than enjoyed this year of being brendan’s fiance.

this year for our anniversary brendan planned a really sweet weekend, recreating the day he proposed. we began by taking the pups on a hike — brendan and i hiked after he proposed. the hike the day of the proposal was short and mostly filled with selfies and smiles through tears. this year, after the hike, we headed towards a barbecue spot in ocean beach, ca — after brendan proposed we went and got our favorite food (of that week) at our favorite bbq spot, in idaho springs, co.

something we did not do the day of our proposal, but that proved brendan is as devoted to me as he was the day he proposed, was to go to over 5 antique shops in an afternoon. i was hellbent on decorating our new guest bedroom and living room all in one weekend, and he came with me to muscle nightstands, headboards, and a coffee table from the shops to our new house. this may not sound like an act of love, but these shops were spread thought the city and north county san diego, and i would be undermining his efforts to say i spent merely an hour in each shop.

he is my everything and i simply love having him in this life. he is to me everything that defines a man and a man of god. love you to the stars, B.










flower fields forever

My wonderful Mother flew in to help Brendan and I get settled into our new home. We spent a lot of time doing just that, but we did get to venture out here and there. One thing we were able to do was to visit The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, and I am SO glad we did. This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I am a self-declared, “plant lady,” and I am so excited about how easy it is to grow just about everything here. I could have just set up shop and lived in these fields — unfortunately, the flowers are only blooming and open for visitors from March- May so I had to return home, but next year you can guarantee I will be back!



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To my knowledge, they harvest the flowers and bulbs to sell, but the public is able to enjoy the flowers for these few months before this happens. It was a lovely thing to take my mother to do. We went to dinner afterward in Cardiff to finish off the afternoon.




Thanks mama for flying all the way here from Ohio, all of your help, and always being up for wherever I want to take you.

all of my love,


Denver Family

When I moved to Denver 5 years ago, I was ready for a fresh start and some sunshine. Little did I know that Denver would become home. When I flew home from Ohio after visiting for the holidays — this city felt more like home than my own hometown. Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked hard professionally and personally — my life has taken an entirely different and beautiful direction. Continue reading “Denver Family”