Denver Family

When I moved to Denver 5 years ago, I was ready for a fresh start and some sunshine. Little did I know that Denver would become home. When I flew home from Ohio after visiting for the holidays — this city felt more like home than my own hometown. Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked hard professionally and personally — my life has taken an entirely different and beautiful direction.

I met my Brendan here in Denver, found parts of my heart I did not know existed and met friends that are now family. Brendan and I chose to plan our wedding here this October because our hearts are here. We bought our first home in this city and choosing to sell before our move took me more than a couple weeks to reconcile.

Until recently, I did not know a heart could be this fervent and all so heavy at the same time. We are moving to San Diego so I can begin a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program which means we will be separating from a place which brought us new meaning to life and the joys of it.

Now, San Diego isn’t the worst place to live in the country — that can be agreed upon — but leaving Denver and our friends have proven to be more than difficult. Frequently, clients have asked me if I have family here in Denver and it always takes me a few pauses to answer, “no.” This city is our home and our people here are our family. We will miss everyone dearly. In some form or fashion — Denver — this isn’t a forever farewell.


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