desert road tour

we spent a weekend exploring the desert — palm springs, joshua tree, superstition mountain — all fun-filled with good food and good company. joni (brendan’s mother) was here a long visit and we enjoyed showing her this side of california with the help of our friends marion and brian. the desert holds more beauty than I expected, its still and just as peaceful as it is wild.

we went off-roading one of the days and it was one of the most thrilling things we’ve ever done. it was like jet-skiing in the sand. in one of the photos, i look like i have lipstick on, like i am a high-end desert rider, it’s not, its dirt and sand. sand and dirt flies everywhere and you have no control what orifice it weasels into — so worth it.

our afternoon in palm springs we spent mostly eating. palm springs restaurant scene is pretty cool. we grabbed lunch and when a gelato store advertised cherry sorbet, i couldn’t resist.

joshua tree is a pretty cool spot. brendan and i have been a couple times but we wanted to show joni what it was like. we didn’t stay or explore too far this weekend but we’ve got a longer weekend planned for this spring. there’s an odd sense of quiet and stillness in all of these desert scenes, even quieter than the mountains. we can firmly say we’re now desert people and mountain people. i’m unsure as to why anyone would qualify themselves as one or the other.  


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