We spent two days in Monterey as a part of a central coast road trip during which we hit Big Sur, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. Although I cannot choose a favorite spot from this trip, we were in Monterey at the perfect time of year.

We stayed in a home in Pacific Grove near Lovers’ Point. I would highly recommend staying in this area. It is both easy to walk to or have a quick drive to Pebble Beach, the aquarium, and a ton of coffee shops and restaurants. Coming off of a 2-day backpacking trip in Big Sur, we needed some rest and relaxation — Monterey was the perfect place to do so.

Long magical story short — we met a woman when we were attempting to book an Airbnb for the night. We told her we were on a sort of “mini-moon” trip down the coast and just needed a place for one night. She did not have anything available as far as vacations rentals went, but said she was not going to be in her small Pacific Grove cottage that evening and we were more than welcome to stay. We were hesitant at first, but I quickly realized after speaking her with that she felt this was meant to be that she found us. Her daughter had just gotten married and another family member had a wedding shower that very weekend. She gave us her cottage for the night as a gift and allowed us to use her Monterey Bay Aquarium passes for free.

There is something special about encountering humans that are still interconnected and feel inclined to be so, so kind to others. We will remember this woman and our time in Monterey for the rest of our lives!

In the morning, we walked the coast of Lover’s Point where all of the flowers were blooming. I’ve never seen any beach like it. Then we went to the aquarium and had an amazing meal with a view at Beach House in Pacific Grove. I am currently campaigning to Brendan for him to agree to retire here — he said he would put it on the list and I said okay.


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