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We are settling into California! I keep saying that it still feels like we are on vacation. I’ll let you know if that ever wears off. The drive out went well for the most part, and the views from Colorado to California are always stellar.

Brendan drove the Uhaul and he bestowed me with the car, all of our artwork, and both dogs. We were so efficient at packing that the dogs’ leashes made it into a box somewhere — not to be realized until I was 3 hours outside of town. They ended up with string leashes a gas station attendant was kind to donate to our cause. It was quite a circus — I ended up in a Wal-Mart for the first time in God knows how long to buy leashes. I fit right in with my Rottweiler tied to a string, walking the isles looking for the pet section.



After our multiple-month search for a place to call home — with the help of our wonderful family friend, Marion — we found the perfect place. The house is beautiful and better than we could have dreamed of. We have 3x the space we are used to, a yard, and a hot tub! We are slowly adjusting to the suburbs — as this is definitely a culture shock from our old neighborhood in downtown Denver — but the San Marcos area is lovely and the house is a 10-minute walk to school.






The dogs are really enjoying the yard. I am so happy I was finally able to give Jada a yard after all of her years of city and apartment living. She is such a sun goddess and she spends the majority of her days outside. They have gotten into a great routine — running around the yard, sunbathing, napping, repeat. Tough life.

As expected, Grad School is taking up a great deal of my time, but we are exploring as much as my schedule allows! More updates to come.


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