we are lucky enough to celebrate our first married valentine’s day twice this year — once this weekend and again this week with brendan’s mother, joni.

we celebrated today with a beach picnic in Solana. it was prime people watching as others were having lunch as well and fighting off seagulls between bites. they left us alone for some reason, maybe they know how much i loathe them or maybe because other’s Subway and Carl’s Jr. sandwiches were more appetizing than our lame organic snacks.

there was also a pair of dads with five or so children with them. they were flying a drone which was cool to watch but quickly turned hilarious when, 30 seconds after the lifeguard warned over the loudspeaker that they needed to land it due to the wind, the wind took the drone over the ocean and assisted it in dive bombing right into the water. they swam around looking for it for awhile before giving up — absolutely hysterical. we were imagining the one man begging his wife to get a $1,000+ drone only to take it out the same day and drown it.

today was typical for our first year of marriage — never a dull or expected moment.

xxo leah & brendan

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